If we’re honest; life can be overwhelming at times. It can feel dull, it can feel monotonous, and it can be a fucking miracle if – between all that greyness – you manage to eat, live, and work in a way that feels good for you.

Picture this:

You accept who you are so much so that you step into your full badassery in any situation

You love yourself warts and all

You wake up with gratitude and a sense of ‘I got this’

You find yourself caring less about what people think of you and giving fewer fucks about comparison

You know what you want from life and you’re not afraid to go out and get it

You’ve done the ground work on yourself enough to feel you can grow into the person you were born to be* 

*(spoiler alert: you’re perfect as you are already!)

I help people just like you work on all this stuff. Weaving together my experience as a Yoga Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, and ‘Mindset Mentor’ I support people to find their version of healthy + happy. 

How it works

Our sessions will be tailored for you based on my three signature areas: 

  1. Self Love is True Love
  2. Routines Don’t Have to be Boring
  3. Living the Badass Life.

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